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The "Capture the Moment" Latin Jazz album is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Apple Music, Spotify and more.    A CD release party was held on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at the Apple Annie's Room, Seville Quarter, Pensacola, FLorida to celebrate this special event.

The Apple Annie's Room was fully packed with music fans that enjoyed listening to the songs from the "Capture the Moment" Latin Jazz CD.  Sal Salaz, percussionist, was accompanied by Gino Rosaria on piano, Sam Williams on flute and sax, George Petropoulos  on trumpet, Jim Green  on guitar, Chris Snowden on bass, Rickey Duffy on drums, and Cheryl Jones on vocals.                     

Latin Jazz is and continues to be a source of music that creates a fun atmosphere and an unforgettable experience for everyone. Thanks for your support.